In the response of The Daily Post Sanctuary

What does the word sanctuary mean to me? Sanctuary can be taken several ways,  as a hideout, as a wildlife’s sanctuaries[something you would like to protect] and a temple or a holy place.

For me, sanctuary means memory, a memory of something you were proud of, or some crazy thing you’ve done, stupid ones, deep ones or a memory of the time spent with someone you loved; something which means the world to you and wouldn’t trade for anything. I have a lot of memories just like others; memories which I’m proud of like when my hard work pays off or one with embarrassed ones [this I’ll keep to myself] or happy ones like when my club wins a title or the sad ones like when I had a shot but didn’t take it err.. I would call it regret ones and possibly not all the memories are the great ones especially when you lose someone you love but the special moments you’ve spent with will always be with you[this isn’t definitely isn’t for you if you’re reading ignore this part fellas this is for someone special!]], these remain with you until your last day.

A memory is a souvenir of your life which is like a hideout when you visit it and is not protected by you rather by your soul [because you embrace it] and a holy place just for you. It’s not “just a memory” but it is your sanctuary.

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