In the response to The Daily Post: Unstoppable

When I saw this word I couldn’t think of anything but this girl; anyway we sat in a coffee shop and conversed for a long time; so in between of our conversation her friend calls up and happened to be nearby and surprisingly they were watching us most of the time wait for a second, did I just say they were stalking us the whole time? Yeah, it was her close friend and her brother. So she told me that every time she comes out with a guy her friend acts crazy![bestfriends] Anyway she was like even her brother’s coming for a second I was like ” okkay”, then she explicitly mentioned that her brother’s cool type wouldn’t mind, tell me about it I said to myself and in fact he is like pretty cool about it after few minutes we ended up in McDonald’s and this girl is crazy for the fries anyway after eating fries and some talking, these guys were like fish pedicure!!

I’m sure pedicure’s pretty relaxing but fish pedicure scares the shit out of me we all were going to take a look and she kept asking me to join her but as I’ve mentioned my love towards fish pedicure. Somehow she gathers her all courage and she dips her feet into the water and what I see next sends the chills down my spine [the fishes rushed towards her feet like piranhas] she was scared in the beginning and you know what? To my surprise, it was fun watching her. Meanwhile, she gives me a compliment saying that I’ve got nice hands and was like “how do I take care of them” in my mind, I was thinking there have been days where I haven’t taken a shower, outside I was like “Shh..it’s a secret!”.

Soon it was time for me to leave and so did she anyway while leaving we were alone, so she comes out of nowhere saying “is this a date?” and I replied “is it?”. Anyway, I wouldn’t classify it as a date..a semi-date probably, but one thing was sure while talking to this girl I kept saying myself, not to like this girl but the feeling of liking her was unstoppable.

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