In the response to The Daily Post: Wind

A few days back I was looking into my e-mails and I just received a mail from Goutham[one of the iconic person in my college and over social media as well] and it said 4th annual graduation day. Without my any awareness I flew back in time, where I was actually irked getting into the college. Most of my first year I wanted to say fuck off and go somewhere away from it. I don’t know why I’ve felt that way maybe it has something to do with change; change of friends, environment., everything.

Somehow I got settled in and made few friends around and got to know few my classmates by bunking with them just to miss out our Hod’s class[or should I said former] to play cricket[I didn’t have enough choice], where I thought this would last forever soon reality hit me I don’t belong to the college now; I do but it is in the past, but I’ve to say that at the same time part of me felt relief as I don’t have to see few faces which by the way I’d regret to err no, not regret but whose presence definitely spoil my day[there might be few of them who might feel the same towards me].

Knowingly or unknowingly time flew quickly just like wind and fades away into the past, I never expected to have this feeling of nostalgia. Anyway, I wish all of you who have graduated be not coy with time else for having lost but once your prime, You may for ever tarry[written by Robert Herrick in “To the Virgins, Make Much of Time”].


Until next time..


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