In response to The Daily Mail: Craving

To my love,

When I saw her for the first time I was just a kid like in movies the time stopped I felt that the time was infinite denying all the laws whatever the fuck there are; and as I continued to stare at her and everything was just background noise. I took her into my hands slowly and delicately into my hands when I took the first bite  like an erupting volcano, the cheese from between the layers of the flatbread pounded in my mouth with warmth, with every chew the softness of the bread, the warmness of the cheese leaving a smidge of burnt on roof of my mouth is letting me know that this is love. And not a week goes by I don’t see her, and every time I do see her she leaves a little burn on my hard palate just as a souvenir, maybe it’s true, love does indeed hurt. She doesn’t make me irked or morose but she makes me the happiest person in the world making me crave for her in every possible way.

Until next time..







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