Feel strong.

When everything in your life is going as you’ve planned and then suddenly out of nowhere hurdles come hitting us up in our knees leave you bleeding, shooting our confidence to fuck and leaving us behind broken and beyond recovery but it’s up to  you who should decide whether you want to drench into it; losing every bit of yourself or just swim back to the shore gaining every bit of yourself.

Until yesterday I thought life is about being strong until I read something like it’s not always necessary to be strong but to feel strong [Jon Krakauer, I wish wrote something like that]. 

Whatever you’re going through now I know it’s hard but life isn’t easy either but one thing is for sure., life’s fair, it is a bitch but it’s fair as a coin about being unfair to everyone. So no matter what happens or is happening endure it, feel strong and never loose hope because nights are darkest just before the dawn and I’m sure your dawn is waiting for you.

Dedicated to my close ones, who are going through a rough phase of their life.

Until next time..


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