And they said

When I was a kid they told me to paint my heart out and at the end of the day it was written B+ with a red ink

When I was in second they said math is taught because it is necessary but all I was asked where I stood in my class

When I was in fifth they said games are good for one’s health and then they separated from who were actually good at it

When I was in sixteen’s they expected me to be mature enough to take a stream and pursue it throughout my life

When I got into my twenties they said love is stupid thing and went telling their wives how much they loved them

My thoughts were moulded but not guided

My passions were told to be diverted instead of following them

My behaviour was gifted with punishment if I was jumping around

And then they said I’m a useless piece of shit just because I couldn’t be a person how they expected me to be

In response of the Daily Mail: Youth

Until next time..


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